I’m a techie to the bone. Formerly a computer technician and Sys.Admin, and in my current incarnation as a software engineer, I actually get excited about computers. I love reading CPU specs. Malformed code can send me into a rant. I truly don’t understand how can some people find this stuff boring.

In my day job I work for an interesting project: The Destributed Internet Measurement and Experiments (DIMES) project at Tel Aviv University. A research project with a simple and humble goal: To map the Internet. Yes, the whole thing. This means that I have to consider every aspect of programming: from the one-on-one user interactions of my GUI, to the impact that the application would have on the host machine, to dealing with the huge amount of data generated by trying to map the world biggest network. Heady stuff, and very exciting.

Unfortunately, I’m married to an English teacher who, while otherwise a wonderful person, doesn’t care about the difference between big and little endian encoding, and why it impacts Intel-based machines using IP stacks. The poor woman tries. She suffers through my endless talks about threads and singletons and the next great computing platform. But it’s clear that her heart’s not in it.

So I created this blog as a place where I can share my observations and enthusiasm with a crowed of like-minded people. And hopefully make my wife’s life just a little better.


One Response to “About”

  1. Maya Says:

    awww. 🙂 Thanks for starting this blog. 🙂 (Now if only I didn’t get a preview of every post before it goes up… I mean, I’m so glad you still share with me your excitement about programming before you post!)


    Your Wife

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