IPhone fun, yet again

For anyone who’s missed this:

Teen Releases First Jailbreak App for iPhone 3GS

You’d figure Apple would learn eventually and stop trying to lock down it’s products… Oh, wait.



The epitome of gimmick

*** The original address for this post is https://bigendian.wordpress.com. If you read this post anywhere else, it means: A. It’s stolen.  and B. You read some mighty boring sites (That would steal THIS). 😉  ***

I haven’t had much time to update in the past couple of days (lots of fun Java work) but I wanted to share a small site which I think is a serious contender to the “Epitome of Gimmick” award: http://blackle.com/

The concept is simple: Darkness takes less energy than light, therefore, if we make our screen entirely black, it will take less energy than if it were white (like Google).

It’s a gimmick for two reasons.

A. Depending on your screen, black may actually take more energy than white, and

B. If you had said this five years ago, people would have looked at you like you’re nuts and asked you if you didn’t have anything better to do. If you say it five years from now, people would look at you like you’re nuts and ask we don’t you invest your energy in some REAL energy saving solutions.  But now, right now, people are already concerned enough about the environment to listen to things like this, and clueless enough to actually follow them. This leads to a site which has no distinction other than its color scheme becoming a major destination on the Net.

Something that isn’t special, but has something that looks special enough to attract your attention. Yup, that a gimmick alright. 🙂 Personaly, I’m waiting for the IPhone app that would blacken the touch screen…

Ok, Back to JavaLand.


Just because it’s mobile, doesn’t mean you should move it…

Two tidbits caught my attention today:

1. According to Engadget the Autonet Mobile router, which turns your car into a wifi hotspot, will now be sold via Amazon for the paltry price of $299 (plus a $29 monthly fee.) The move was announced after both Chrysler and General Motors, who had been Autonet business partners, have recently gotten into financial trouble. While personally I have to applaud the company for it’s tanacity and customer empowerment , I still have to ask: Who ever came up with the notion that this is a good idea? Have we really become so connected that having Wifi IN THE CAR seems like something we absolutly need?

2. A recent study by SquareTrade finds that over 20% of IPhones have been damaged by accident within 22 months of purchese (report published on Techcrunch.com) .  According to the study, 66% of the accidents involved dropping the phone on a hard surface, while and additional 25% involved water damamge, such as dropping your phone in the toilet. In the face of such numbers, I do feel that one has to ask: Is it possible that some of these “accidents” weren’t so accidental? Could some of it be just the end results of IPhone users trying to actually get some use of their phones? Just wondering.